The DUP Pelhřimov coop, after two years of ownership, decided to significantly change the marketing strategy of the brewery at the end of 2003.

The brewery's name was changed to "Pivovar Poutník" (Poutník Brewery), the logo was changed, and most significantly the beer-brewing recipe was changed and great emphasis was placed on the quality of ingredients so that the quality of each batch can be assured.

Poutnik beer is brewed using traditional, time-honoured methods. The unique fl avour and character of Poutnik beer derives from ingredients like top quality Moravian malt, the best hops and crystal clear water from the nearby Křemešník Hill. Poutnik produces a Plzeň type unpasteurised beer in two styles. The highly popular, Original light beer (ten degrees & alcohol cont. 3,8 % by volume) and the more powerful Strong version (twelve degrees& alcohol cont. 4,8 % by volume) are the backbone of the product range. Poutnik also produces Seasonal Specials at Easter and Christmas which are characterised by their rich golden colour, abundant head, delicious taste and crisp finish.

Our name

Historický Pelhřimov In the distant past, a wandering monk decided to stop wandering and settled down. The village which he named after himself – Pelegrin – benefi ted from the monk's wisdom which he had gathered on his travels.

Over the centuries, the village grew into a prosperous town and its name changed to a more convenient form for Czech-speakers - Pelhřimov.
We think that it's fi tting that - with its long journey down the highways and byways of history – our brewery bears the name Poutnik which translated into English means "wanderer" or "pilgrim". Like every good pilgrim, Pehřimov's brewers have adhered to a central and constant belief down the years; a belief in top quality, full-bodied beer.

  • Pivovar Poutnik

„Kde se pivo vaří, tam se dobře daří“


V Pelhřimově je tomu tak od roku 1552.