Our products

Currently the POUTNÍK Brewery brews bottom fermentation beer in the following assortment:

  • Poutník light draft beer 10%
  • Poutník light premium lager 12%
  • Poutník Special 14%

Not only do quality ingredients go in, but also classic technology is utilized. All these advantages are enhanced by the fact that the beers are natural – not pasteurised. That means that not only do the brewery's products taste great, but also they have significant nutritional value with positive physiological effects.

14% Special is produced only for Christmas, Easter and for special occasion.

The beers are bottled in 0.5 l bottles and 30 l and 50 l KEG type of barrels.

Chronological overview of Pelhrimov brewery labels and beer mats.

„Kde se pivo vaří, tam se dobře daří“


V Pelhřimově je tomu tak od roku 1552.